Zaneta Lucia Bernoulli

A young Vodacce woman fond of black & lace




Traits p.137

Brawn 2
Finesse 2
Resolve 3
Wits 3
Panache 3

Trophy Wife (Jenny variant) p.124
earn a HP when you resolve a conflict with seduction or sexual wiles

Sorte Strega p.146
earn a HP when you commit to dangerous action in the name of destiny

The Witch, Intuitive p.157
Activate your virtue to ask the GM one yes or no question about an NPC.

Coins, Relentless p.157
You receive a Hero Point when you refuse to leave well enough alone or quit while you’re ahead, and it gets you in trouble.

Come Hither p.149
Legendary Panache p.153
Linguist p.148
Poison Immunity p.150
Sorcery p.150
Sorcery p.150
Time Sense p.148
Trusted Companion, Maria formerly Servant p.154
Valiant Spirit p.150

Abilities/Skills p.169+

Athletics 1
Convince 3
Empathy 3
Hide 1
Notice 1
Perform 3
Ride 1
Scholarship 3
Tempt 4
Weaponry 1

Magic p.228

Minor Major
Read + +
Arcana +
Blessing + +
Pull + +


Building a full make-up kit supplied with a good range of implements, perfumes and poisons (Signature Item p.152).

  1. Maria visited the Vendel market and helped acquire the starting components: local dyes, pigments & plant oils.

Zaneta Lucia Bernoulli

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