Stefan Von Grinnelshusen

Grim faced doktor with a dark air about him...

Basic Information:
Concept Monster Slaying Doctor
Nation Eisen
Brawn 2
Finesse 3
Resolve 4
Wits 2
Panache 2
  • Wealth Points: 1
  • Languages Spoken (& Written)
    • Old Thean
    • Eisen
Virtue & Hubris:
  • Virtue: Passionate (p156)
    • Activate this virtue when another hero takes wounds to prevent them from suffering those wounds. Take 1 Dramatic wound instead.
  • Hubris: Bitterness (p158)
    • Receive a Hero Point when you bring up old grudges or bad feeling when doing so will lead to trouble.
Secret Society:
  • Die Kreuzitter (7 Favour)
Aim 1 Performance
Athletics 1 Ride 1
Brawl Sailing 1
Convince 3 Scholarship 3
Empathy 3 Tempt 1
Hide 1 Theft
Intimidate 1 Warfare
Notice 3 Weaponry 4
  • Doctor (p139):
    • Quirk: Earn Hero Points when you tend to the injuries of a villain or innocents harmed by a villain.
  • Hexe: (p243) Sorcery
    • Quirk: Earn Hero Points when go out of the way to ensure that the dead stay dead.
  • Miracle Worker (p153):
  • Time Sense (p148):
  • Cast Iron Stomach (p148)
  • Sorcery *3 (150)
    • Hexenwerk (p206-209)
    • Hexenwerk (p206-209)
    • Hexenwerk (p206-209)
  • I Won’t Die Here (p154)
  • Survivalist (p148)
  • Linguist (p140)
    • Can Speak and Read all Thean Languages.
  • Penny Pincher *1 (Nations of Theah Vol2, p205)
    • Can save 1 Wealth Point between game sessions/times bought advantage.
Sorcery – Hexenwerk (p206-209
  • Current Unguents:
    • Major → Ghost Eyes, Spectral Prison.
    • Minor → Autumns Sigh, Summers Smile, Springs Laugh & Mothers Mercy.

Unguents Known:

  • Major Unguents (effects last until the end of the Scene, unless otherwise noted)
    • Ghost Eyes (p207):
      • Description: Eyes card from the recent dead, mixed with holy water and mandrake, and smeared across the eyelids.
      • Effect: Ghost Eyes allow you to see (for a single scene) spirits, ghost and other Monsters that would typically be invisible.
    • Spectral Prison (p208)
      • Description: Moss from a tombstone or mausoleum, boiled and dissolved, mixed with salt and bone meal into a thick, gooey paste. Draw a closed circle, square, pentagram, or similar shape with this Unguent.
      • Effect: As long as the shape remains intact and closed, no undead Monster can cross the shape or affect any creature on the other side of the line. The Monster can take other actions as normal (such as making a social Risk if it is capable of speech or shooting a gun if it knows how to do so) but no supernatural effects can cross the line. The Monster itself cannot break the line (by throwing a normal item over it, by breaking the surface the line
        is drawn upon, etc.), but it may be able to convince someone else to break it.
    • Corpse Tongue (p208)
      • Description: The severed tongue of a corpse, soaked in nightshade and ground into a paste, rubbed on the hexe’s tongue.
      • Effect: Allows user to speak with a dead body, receiving messages about anything it knew in life. You can ask 2 questions for each point of resolve and the corpse must answer the question honestly. After the last question, you vomit and the corpse you have been questioning crumbles into dust.
    • (p)
      • Description:
      • Effect:
  • Minor Unguents (effects last until the end of the Scene, unless otherwise noted)
    • Summer’s Smile (p209)
      • Description: A poultice brewed from water from a fast-flowing stream and sickeningly sweet herbs.
      • Effect: When applied to a Dramatic Wound caused by an undead Monster, the Dramatic Wound is healed at the end of the Scene.
    • Autumn’s Sigh (p209)
      • Description: Seeds from a rotten pumpkin, common red table wine, and a teardrop.
      • Effect: Characters who drink Autumn’s Sigh will sleep soundly for the night, untroubled by nightmares (natural or supernatural). They will awaken as normal due to outside stimulus (such as being woken normally, loud noises, etc.), but they fall asleep easily, and their sleep is idyllic and restful.
    • Spring’s Laugh (p209)
      • Description: Fresh spring flowers, tree sap, and rain water mixed into a thick syrup.
      • Effect: A character who consumes Spring’s Laugh is immune to an undead Monster’s Fear rating for one Scene.
    • Mother’s Mercy (p209)
      • Description: A thin soup with wild vegetables and holy water.
      • Effect: Drinking Mother’s Mercy removes all effects of any disease, curse, or debilitating effect resulting from the undead. If a character who has eaten Funeral Porridge drinks Mother’s Mercy, he immediately dies but does not return as an undead Monster.
    • Reaper’s Poison (p209)
      • Description: A caustic blend of natural poisons sprinkled with shavings of pure silver. In a flask.
      • Effect: When you attack an undead using a flask of Reaper’s Poison, spend Raises as normal to inflict Wounds. If monster takes at least 1 Wound, it is inflicted with Reaper’s Poison, causing 1 Wound every time it takes an action until the end of the Round. These Wounds cannot be cancelled.
    • Scourgebane (p209)
      • Description: A mixture of numerous herbs, poisons and a splash of communion wine. In a flask.
      • Effect: When you attack an undead Monster using a flask of Scourgebane, you spend Raises as normal to inflict Wounds. If it takes at least 1 Wound from the attack, the GM cannot spend Danger Points to activate any of its Monstrous Qualities for the rest of the round.
    • (p)
      • Description:
      • Effect:
  • Story 1 → Gain Contacts(Frieburg Underground)
    • Steps: 2
      • Step 1: Contact Eisen Captain and come to arrangement.
      • Step 2: Serve as Ships doctor for Captain and remain available to help in case of monstrous wounds.
  • Story 2 → Gain Duelist Academy(Eisenfaust) (p238)
    • Steps 5 [1/5]
      • Step 1: Obtain a good quality Broadsword. [Obtained]
      • Step 2: Obtain a good quality Panzerhand.
      • Step 3: Find a teacher willing to let me know Eisenfaust (Captain Kurt).
      • Step 4: Complete a task set by teacher to prove i am worthy.
      • Step 5: Defeat a worthy opponent using my Panzerhand to show I am ready to learn the proper ways of using the weapon.
Obtaining Dracheneisen
  • Core Rulebook, p262.
    • 9 Favour Points with the Die Kreuzritter Society.
    • 10 step story → Dracheneisen Seeker.

Stefan Von Grinnelshusen

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