Ennio Vespucci

Hen-pecked Vodacce duellist

Brawn 2 0 Bravi/Consigliere Old Thean
Finesse 5 0 * Poison Immunity Vodacce
Wits 3 1 * Hard to Kill
Resolve 2 0 * We’re not so different
Panache 2 0 * Streetwise
* Duelist Academy
Athletics 4 Tempt 1
Convince 3 Weaponry 4
Empathy 2 Aim 3
Intimidate 1 Perform 1
Notice 2 Sailing 1
Ride 1

Hot headed (earn Hero Point when lose temper, making situation worse) or Victorious (once per session, add a Dramatic Wound to the wounds dealt to a Villain the first time in a fight that you inflict wounds on them)

Earn a Hero Point by…

  • put yourself in danger to defend the life of the person you’ve sworn to protect
  • taking great risk to protect someone else’s secret

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Ennio Vespucci

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